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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  February 26, 2024 8:00am-9:00am PST

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70% of americans that don't want to see a trump/biden rematch. >> on the democratic side some progressives like congresswoman tlaib are urging voters to put uncommitted not biden to leave arab americans are frustrated that biden has refused to call for a cease-fire is gaza. any vote not nor biden is a vote for trump. she urges people to vote for biden in the primary tomorrow. even whitmer acknowledged she doesn't know what to expect as far as the uncommitted campaign goes. >> bill: a lot of surprises along the way you don't know and why you have to play the games and why you have to vote. nice to see you. talk to you tomorrow. >> aishah: we'll be covering the big primary tomorrow. >> bill: you will be back tomorrow with more action. >> aishah: see you then. "the faulkner focus" is next.
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>> harris: what is it like to chase donald trump? president biden just might know a thing about that. fox news confirms biden will travel now to brownsville, texas on thursday of this week. he is scheduled to meet with border patrol agents that very same day former president trump will be delivering remarks at the border in eagle pass, texas. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." well, this could be the sudden urgency, the reason why biden wbiden -- has to get their now. two visits in three years on the border disaster at the southern border the nation is watching coverage of another horrible case, this one of a university student, a nursing student, laken riley. charged in her murder, an illegal immigrant with a growing rap sheet allowed to stay in our country. her family made this statement. laken was an amazing overall
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person. her love for the lord was exemplified in every aspect of her life. she will be missed every day. we promise to honor her life moving forward in a very big way. here is laken as former roommate. >> she was the sweetest girl and a bubbly personality. everybody became immediate friends with her. not a single bit of hate in her entire body and she just brought together so many different friend groups. when i found out my heart sank and i didn't want it to be true at all. i didn't think it was true. i thought maybe it was a mistake. >> harris: ice confirms the suspect entered the nation illegally from venezuela in september of 2022 and then about a year later, new york city police arrested him for child endangerment. he still has not been deported. georgia governor brian kemp told the president enough is enough.
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>> this is a federal issue. this is an issue that the president can take action on. i'm -- that is passing the buck. we know there are things the president can do. >> harris: in "focus" senator marsha blackburn is live on set. excited to talk with her. let's go to peter doocy first on the political fallout for the president. this case is horrific and terrifying. had to empty out the entire campus looking for the suspected killer. the president now headed to the border. pressure? >> white house officials are confirming to us president biden plans to revisit the border on thursday about 2 1/2 weeks after we heard him talking about the border visits when republicans do them are just publicity stunts by lawmakers looking for a picture with border patrol. >> president biden: these are the people whose job it is to secure the border every single
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solitary day. they don't just show up for photo ops like some members of congress. they're there to do their job. >> the current biden border policy is front and center for elected republicans blaming it for letting in the man accused of murdering a university of georgia nursing student. >> biden and the democrats' open border policy have allowed this man to come into our country, give him parole, and kill an innocent young woman. >> president biden is insisting he is trying to improve things at the border pointing to the bipartisan senate bill he backed and the border patrol backed but republican killed under pressure from donald trump. >> president biden: our laws and resources haven't kept up with the immigration system and it is broken. politics has failed to fix it. folks, doing nothing is not an option. >> if he can't get congress to do anything executive orders will being considered and to make it difficult for people to
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claim asylum away from ports of entry to do that. progressives upset by that idea. party's top surrogate is selling it. >> i applaud the fact he is seeking strategies and solutions and trying to do that. i support his efforts outside of the legislative process because this legislature is broken, congress is broken. >> when president biden goes to the border, the texas/mexico border we're told by a white house official that he is going to discuss the urgent need to pass the senate bipartisan border security agreement. but it's unclear how forward-looking that is. i was talking to some republican governors here on friday and they said president biden's was on the senate bill as opposed to other things they can do. for all intents and purposes the senate bill is dead. back to you. >> harris: they had hr2 that came from republicans in the house last summer.
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if anybody was serious on the left side of the aisle they might have started and had more time had they begun with a document already in play. peter doocy, thank you. flashback to what top members of the administration were saying about the same time when laken riley's suspected killer had first entered illegally our nation. >> we'll have 2 million people cross the border for the first time ever. you are confident the border is secure? >> we have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours and our administration. but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix given the -- >> do you continue to maintain the border is secure? >> yes and we're working day in and day out to enhance its security. >> harris: republican senator
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marsha blackburn of tennessee member of the judiciary, finance and veteran affairs committees. thank you for being with me today. i want to get your initial thoughts. the vice president, yes, it's secure. the man who is now looking to be impeached by the house, mayorkas said yes, it's secure. >> we know all of it was a lie because in the first 100 days of his administration, joe biden took 94 executive actions and orders that weakened immigration policy, weakened immigration law, and further opened the border. an open border is the biden border policy full stop. that has been their policy. joe biden has resisted actually going to the border. so has kamala harris. and when she went down there she went to the wrong address. and now we find out that here comes this illegal immigrant in 2022. he is apprehended in
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september 2023, a year later, on child molestation and endangerment charges. and new york is a sanctuary city. new york state a sanctuary state. so they let him go before a detainer gets to ice. and what does he do? he ends up in georgia and he kills a brilliant young woman who is a good student and her family is grieving and the nation is grieving with that family over this loss of life. >> harris: so i want to get to this because you said vice president kamala harris went to the wrong address. so did president biden. they had cleaned up el paso when he got there. >> right. >> harris: i don't know where they put all the illegal immigrants. could they put them whenever they put them that. he didn't see the reality of what our patrol agents were
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dealing with. >> every town is a border town, every state is a border state. instead of flying these illegal immigrants to places in the country, why don't we fly them back home and send them back? and this is why you mentioned the house hr2. that bill landed in the u.s. senate on may 15th of 2023. now, it was to go to judiciary committee. harris, we have had over 80 meetings and hearings of the senate judiciary committee since that bill landed in the senate. we have talked about let's bring up immigration. let's talk about this border. why didn't they take up hr2? if they didn't like the bill, then amend it, put in provisions that would actually secure the border. but this administration has wanted an open border. that has been their policy.
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>> harris: senator, 80 meetings since this went from the house to the senate, hr2? >> that's correct. >> harris: what happens when you bring it up? >> there has not been a desire to talk about the secure border issue. even though we have had people from 170 different countries, according to border patrol, enter our country. 24,000 chinese that are coming in. people by the hundreds from countries of interest and this is why we have to know who is coming in our country and why they're coming because the american people certainly people if tennessee that i talk to every day saying how do we protect our community? how do we keep something bad from happening? how do we deal with crime? how do we deal with fentanyl and human trafficking when our border is wide open?
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you go talk to any local law enforcement officer and sheriff, any police chief, they'll tell you, we can't address these issues until the border is secure. >> harris: there is a lot. they are asking those questions in chicago, illinois right now. 80 meetings. i put this on chuck schumer. he seems to be a driver no matter what committee he sits on. >> that's right. he sets the agenda and why we have to make certain republicans take the senate in november. so that we set that agenda. >> harris: the "new york post" editorial board wrote laken riley's murder suspect is free because there -- taking away any mechanism to decide who can come in and when. no vetting, no rules, no limit. when so many laws are ignored how can anyone be surprised when it leads to more lawlessness and part of what you were just saying. what takes us forward?
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the president is going to go down just coincidentally, i suppose, you and i both know i don't believe in coincidences while donald trump is down there, too. there is that optic. the horrible optic of this nursing student who was killed. what changes by biden going to the border at this point? >> biden with the stroke of a pen could change a lot of this. he could end his parole policies. he has paroled 1.2 million people into the u.s. there is no previous president that has come anywhere near that number. i was looking at a chart today of the parole numbers for 1983 to 2003. the only person that ticked above 150,000 in a year was bill clinton in 2000. now, harris, this is one of those things that gets to the decisions of an administration. joe biden's choice was to open
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that border, to weaken immigration law, to weaken border security. what he should do is go get in a vehicle with the border patrol and go out on parole and see it. >> what we've done. >> i've been out numerous times. get yourself in the car, go talk to them and see what they are dealing with and -- >> harris: there are room in helicopters. >> make the decision you put the american people first and end this running across the southern border. god bless these border patrol agents and these local sheriffs that are down there. god bless texas for what they are doing to protect their border. but harris, to protect our children, to protect our communities, we have to be able to secure that southern border. >> harris: this has got to be quick. does it matter if you impeach mayorkas? >> it will send a message but
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what we can do, i think, that means more than that is look at what president donald trump did to secure that border. compare it to what is happening today when all of these executive orders and actions took place that erased that work that had been done in the previous administration. border security issue number one as we head into the election. >> harris: look at the previous primaries, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. so great to see you. >> good to see you. >> harris: you said every state in our are he public is a border state. anti-christian hate on the rise in the united states. not just the explosion of attacks on christian churches and places of worship. anywhere we gather outrage over the liberal media's take on christians in america.
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>> harris: republican presidentian candidate nikki haley says she is sticking around despite losing to donald trump in her own state. still she is not quitting the race, she says. brian kilmeade joins us from his radio student. we will simulcast in a moment. first here is donald trump after his victory. >> today is not the end of our story. we're headed to michigan tomorrow and we are headed to the super tuesday states throughout all of next week. we'll keep fighting for america and we won't rest until america
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wins. >> harris: haley lost one of her biggest financial -- the koch brothers. we don't think a group can widen her pact to victory. "wall street journal" editorial board despite trump's win his republican party is divided. he wins big in south carolina but won't beat joe biden without nikki haley's voters. gavin newsom is among those who say haley is helping his party. >> i don't know why democrats will want out of the race? she is one of our better surrogates. she is making points. i'm applauding every day about his temperament. capacity, unraveling in realtime. i think she has been incredibly effective. i hope she stays in personally. >> harris: brian kilmeade "fox & friends" co-host and host of the
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brian kilmeade radio show and one nation. i heard what gavin new some is saying coming some of your mouth. >> i would have not raised taxes like that or had dinner at the french laundry during the pandemic. besides that we're very similar. a couple of things. nikki haley, i think, is a fine candidate and she is staying in for a couple of reasons. she is staying in number one wants to say i told you so if trump loses. and she believes that the world of trump and the maga movement has joe biden has labeled it will end in donald trump loses. she thinks it will go the way of the tea party is her hunch. that's the only thing i can think of. ron desantis said look, i agree with everything donald trump is doing, i'll do it better, more efficiently without the controversy. seems as though the party wasn't going to get over trump and wanted to make him one desantis said i'm out. when governor haley was doing the same thing, he is a friend of mine.
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i liked working for him. this is my time. that with as his time. it was interesting. now she is going down it sounds like they might as well be bernie sanders and joe biden saying he won't beat joe biden, lost it. he is too old. really? chaos just follows him. these are democratic arguments. she is in the chris christie/liz cheney lane and it's a huge risk for her. >> harris: what gavin newsom said that it's helping the democrats at this point. he basically made the point that she is defining donald trump in a way that they can use it. 59% by the way and this is just in south carolina reportedly of the people who voted for her say they would never vote for donald trump. so that part about whether or not donald trump is at all paying attention or needs to pay attention to nikki haley right
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now, i guess you could argue over that. if people would only vote for her, how many people are we talking about? and should he be worried about that? >> a couple of things. if you ask fighters before a fight they will never be friends with the other guy, right? at the end 99% of the time they hugged it out. barack obama and hillary clinton were as bitter as i can remember. john mccain and george bush as bitter as i can remember. at the end how can i help? this might take longer but if you ask, i vote for nikki haley, i come out of the booth and somebody with a clipboard who says would you ever vote for donald trump is nikki haley loses? no. to me you could absolutely see the momentum changing come fall when joe biden and donald trump contrast each other. let them know what the different directions of the country when it comes to the border. i'm from pretty sure a lot of the haley supporters, maybe take
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ownership of her because she came of age as a candidate but really not helpful with those type of comments on trump. >> harris: we are bow to see how different they are at the border. both presidents will be at the border on thursday. 45 and 46. and i opened this hour by saying how does it feel to follow donald trump? that announcement about joe biden was made a few minutes before we went to air. it will be on interesting situation to watch them. one man saying what i did worked, the other man saying what i did didn't work but i'll try to fix it by executive order before i have to tell the nation what the status it is, the state of the union. >> i don't need donald trump's speech and joe biden's speech. i was in america at the time. i know what was working. and when things were working for donald trump he acknowledged it and fired people when it wasn't working. i want you to go to the other countries and take away their aid and tell them there will be
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incentives if you can crack down in your country and tell mexico i bet you can stay in mexico and that's what will happen. in return i won't put tariffs. i don't need a 30 second ad. i know what worked. when joe biden puts in executive orders he is rumored to do he will defy his own words that said nothing i can do to control this. has to be done through congress. you have a bunch of bad options, mr. president. and you are coming to the border two times in three years is not great. >> harris: let's add this to the mix. critics are railing against bob costas who said this about former president trump and his supporters on cnn this weekend. >> he is by far the most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history. only become more disgraceful since 2016 and since 2020. he is a bubbling caldron of loath some traits. you have to be in the throes of
8:27 am
a toxic delusion and toxic cult to believe donald trump has ever been in any sense emotionally, psychologically or ethically fit to be president. >> harris: brian. >> i know bob costas. i know how bright he is. by the time he was 34 best sportscaster in the country. that's exactly how he feels. but i think it's so shallow of him to think that you can have your feelings and put down 74 million people along the way. if people who are support -- him coming from a place where people support their teams and their players and their boxers and their athletes and people are loyal. there are people loyal to him for reasons they should be respected for and analyzed. >> harris: everybody should be respected. democrats want their voters to be respected. can you imagine if a republican candidate called them all deplorable? this has been going on for
8:28 am
years. i want to get to this. you have thoughts on it. republicans on former president trump's v.p. short list making their cases to voters over the weekend. let's watch. >> the republican primary is over and donald trump is our nominee. >> i was one of the first people to endorse donald trump. >> i'm proud to be the first member of congress to endorse president trump. >> any super pac or c4 or whatever entity that supported me during that campaign, i'm publicly calling on them to use their resources to support donald trump. >> the reason why they are so afraid of him, he poses a threat to this establishment. >> we've got to have leadership that will say tough things. we need to hear them and we have that leadership this november in donald trump. >> harris: republicans at c pac were asked for top pick for
8:29 am
president. straw poll found south dakota governor christie nome and vivek ramaswamy tied for first place. brian. >> those people way to the right aren't going to help the president. he has already got them. he needs people somewhat open to understand that vice presidential slot is probably the leading candidate to be the next president. he is four and out. my feeling is it's stefanik and second tim scott judging by what president trump has been saying about tim scott. he is one of the most respected people i know. anyone that knows him just has great respect for him and gets high marks in south carolina and around the country even across the aisle. if i said right now i believe stefanik would deliver. the president in the back of his head thinks he whats a shot at new york. she could help galvanize upstate new york and overcome maybe some resistance that hurt lee zeldin in the city. the new york jewish vote and
8:30 am
more open to a republican candidate after what we're seeing going on right now. so i think this could really go her way. i've never seen more candidates say i want it. no one is playing coy. >> harris: i love the fact people want to lead this country. if they love america that much, let's see all of them. there is nothing wrong with that. that's what's great about america. we always have a future. god bless us all. brian, i have to let you go. your producers are going to leave me nasty grams. you have a commercial about to run out. great to sigh. thank you. so many concerns about president biden's age but california's democrat governor is trying to flip the script. >> as a democrat, what it is for me to make the case for the leader of our party, joe biden. >> harris: he also says biden should take on former president trump in a debate and win like he did back in 2020. could he do that?
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>> harris: breaking news now. moments ago student were evacuated from a high school in ox ford, michigan. the bomb threat was inched mailed to the school. we were told at this point they believe it may not be credible. until they're certain, they have added significant police presence. law enforcement checked the area with canine units and did not find any physical evidence of anything. we'll bring you news when it happens. >> i revere his record. what he has done in three years has been a master class all because of biden's wisdom, because of his temperament, capacity to lead in a bipartisan manner which is an underrepresented point.
8:37 am
the answer is absolutely all in in terms of the next four years with joe biden. it is because of his age he has been so successful. the opportunity to express that for for more years what a gift it is for the american people. >> harris: what a gift he is to joe biden. gavin newsom defending the president on issues and then some. he said here is some advice. >> trump says he is ready to debate biden now. should president biden debate. >> he beat trump in the prior debates. >> is that a yes? >> 100%. >> harris: so hard to get a basic answer, huh? recent polls show an overwhelming number of voters are worried about the president's mental fitness for a second term and that includes 71% of democrats. when it comes to debates, the "wall street journal" editorial board with this take. trump forfeits the debate stage
8:38 am
giving biden an easy out by not debating haley. what are your thoughts of the two of them on a debate stage? >> first of all listening to newsom makes me think he is auditioning for karine jean-pierre's job. the job that joe biden is doing? oh my goodness and to say his age makes him even more qualified, an 82 to 86-year-old? yeah, that's a great qualification to become president of the united states. look, it is one thing to salute the flag. another when the flag is barely flying for you to say it's a beautiful flag. that's the case with joe biden. i understand democrats need to support him. everybody is being realistic other than gavin newsom. joe biden is a weak, wounded, old candidate who really is a threat to america because of his memory loss. that's the biggest problem.
8:39 am
he can't even remember the briefings he has had about hamas, withdrawal from afghanistan, impacting. newsom is in denial in california and national politics. >> harris: and the covid lock downs in his state that maybe he shouldn't go to a two star michelon restaurant. he does what he wants. what does he want? i doubt it's press secretary. you proved it is an important job and can be done masterfully. president biden again, though, to your point, is now sparking some fresh concerns about his acuity and he butchered a quote from abraham lincoln. watch. >> president biden: he said -- i want to make sure i get the quote exactly right. he said the better angels -- we must address -- and address the better angels of our nature and
8:40 am
we do well to remember -- what else did he say? we're not enemies but we are friends. in the part of the civil war. >> harris: after that speech he had to rely on his handler to tell him what to do next. >> president biden: okay. i'm right here? >> harris: yes, mr. president, you have found yourself, you are right there. i know. >> what's so sad about watching this is he has done this many times before successfully. he just doesn't remember how to lead the toast for the national governor's association. not his first time doing it. he doesn't remember. this is what happens to you when
8:41 am
you get older. it is not the senility, it's not the occasional verbal fumbles. it is his increasing lack of memory. the reason i stress that is because when you are the president, nothing is more important than your afwoilt recollect the various briefings you have heard from your team. when the team advises you, this is a matter of life and death need to do a, b and c. a president has to digest briefings with people from different points of view and make a decision. if he can't remember what he is being told how can he make good decisions. that's the problem with old age and the problems with his presidency. >> harris: 81 is the candidate. 82 to 86 across four years should he win a second term. those numbers don't necessarily mean you go down that road of losing everything acuity-wise. i put less emphasis on the number and do exactly what the
8:42 am
president of the united states told us to do. i watch what he does. what he communicates. and as he is showing us how he is handling things at home that are emergencys, it takes him three years to -- we hope he will get to see the border. last time it was so forensicly clean in el paso you couldn't find anybody who had come over the border. >> that will be a big event and looking forward to seeing what he does on that front and this is a great opportunity for donald trump. but the other opportunity for donald trump is joe biden loves to use the line his father told him or somebody told him don't compare me to the almighty but to the alternative. that can now be donald trump's line. don't compare me to the almighty. compare me to the alternative. the alternative is a soon to be 82-year-old joe biden. this is why joe biden can lose. this is why donald trump can win. this is why nikki haley could win. joe biden is the weakest
8:43 am
democratic candidate the democrats could possibly put out. i don't know why gavin newsom is saying what he is saying other than feigned loyalty to joe biden. >> harris: the debate. i asked brian kilmeade this question. what would you want to see it look like? could it be done in front of a live audience? >> there is not going to be a debate. joe biden's team won't put him out to answer questions. why would he go out there and engage in an actual real spontaneous debate with donald trump in the early evening in the nighttime? he can't do it. he is not capable of doing it. there is not going to be a debate. we saw that last cycle where many governor and senate candidates started not to debate their opponents. that's a step back for democracy. we deserve to see our president and nominees in action. but we especially deserve to see
8:44 am
the president in action. we're starveed of seeing him throughout the year. the white house staff shields him. a debate is even more important. i have no illusions the democrats will put joe biden on the stage. >> harris: i threw in the live audience part. we see him in live groups of people every day and it is a simple struggle. it is just baseline struggle for him. great to see you and always, always remember the job you did when you were in the white house. again gavin newsom couldn't touch you. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: the bombshells keep coming in the case of fulton county district attorney fani willis and her prosecutor lover. data seems to contradict the testimony of willis and her prosecutor lover when it comes to the time they spent together. you know, cell phone records have a sneaky way of showing if you were talking to each other. basic math. president biden facing a big
8:45 am
test in tomorrow's michigan primary. big concerns about his standing in key swing states in general. as we move toward november. >> biden is stuck between a rock and hard place. he has become the pro-iran party. everyone is realizing exactly where joe biden is on this issue. interesting to watch him being divided. i don't know what he can do to save the situation. (sigh) (snoring) if you struggle with cpap... you should check out inspire. honey? inspire. sleep apnea innovation. learn more and view important safety information at
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>> harris: democratic infighting at battleground state michigan voters head to the polls. angry arab americans are saying biden is wrong on israel and could cost him in the state where the population is large among that community. here is squad member congresswoman tlaib. how shy and demure she is. she is pushing people if her home state to back away from biden. >> right now we feel completely neglected and just unseen by our government. if you want us to be louder, then come here and vote uncommitted. >> harris: uncommitted. well, that's a threat of quite a few uncommitted votes. app apparently has liberals shaking
8:51 am
in their boots. it warns biden is in danger of losing michigan and the entire election. even governor whitmer says she doesn't know what to expect. >> it's important not to lose sight of the fact that any vote that's not cast for joe biden supports a second term. sounds like you are preparing for a sizeable portion of the vote being uncommitted and sending the protest message to president biden. >> i'm not sure what to expect. there are a lot of pressures. you never know with the he weather. a lot of different things that can impact what happens on tuesday. >> harris: the cleanup on aisle seven is major for this president. first east pal is -- palestine, ohio and now the border. former senior advisor to senator tim scott and a former dnc press second is our panel today.
8:52 am
game it out for us, matt. what does it look like for biden in michigan? >> first that was a stunning clip. you put out the governor of the state to try to instill confidence. her answer is i don't know. that's not a good look. i talk to folks on the far left who i trust. this feeling is real that tlaib represents. it is easy to tout when it's february and no real consequences. when it comes to late october, early november trump versus biden they get off. the key is this. this is a stress test for the biden political organization. they need to mobilize supporters, in a much-win state. if they can't do it tomorrow. it will be harder in november. >> harris: the president is looking down at the calendar saying i have the state of the union coming up. quite frankly americans need a win. if he could find something he could succeed on that benefits everybody. don't talk to me about
8:53 am
inflation. it is going back up again. what i want to know is what can he accomplish seriously if he loses michigan? >> that's a great question. i agree with matt. this is a stress test per se. political strategy from a certain group of folks in michigan who don't approve what biden is doing and when it comes to israel and hamas. it's a minority of folks. majority of people in michigan care about the economy and we can argue if it has gone up or whatever. >> harris: the prices continue to go up because it's stubborn. >> i think he is going to do great tomorrow the and people will vote biden tomorrow in michigan and back him in the general election. we have to remember that michigan we won it in 2020 by 150,000 votes. that's a reality. >> harris: what's the sad part about this what you just said,
8:54 am
they are a minority of people. so are blacks and so this president says and does whatever he wants and it doesn't matter who he offends. he can always count on representative james clyburn and the state of south carolina and go to a couple of black churches and thinks that can do it. now he will treat the arab americans like that, too. that's a pat on the head. you just said they are just a minority, they don't really count in terms of -- in terms of him winning michigan. >> they have are uncommitted people who would vote tomorrow in michigan is a minority. i'm saying there is a minority of folks who will vote uncommitted tomorrow. most people will back joe biden. >> harris: made clear. matt, real quick. >> here is what i worry about. biden sees a chunk that are uncommitted. what does he do to bring them back on his side?
8:55 am
does he push netanyahu to jeopardize israeli security? that's what i would be worried about in the months to come. does he jeopardize israeli security and our security to try to get these voters back? >> harris: breaking news here. i appreciate both of you. this is somber from georgia and the university of georgia murder case. the clark county coroner confirms to fox the laken riley died of blunt force trauma to her head. he tells us that was the only area of her body with blunt force trauma. the final written report will not become available for several weeks because you know it always takes time with these autopsies. this is preliminary and an illegal immigrant is charged in her murder and it comes as the president now as of about an hour or so ago decided he is going to the border in texas on thursday. thank you for watching. more on the other side of this break. "outnumbered." there ain't one.
8:56 am
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